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Inspired By Programming Languages ‚Äč

COMPILED - Fast Binaries and Fast Execution [C++]

EXTENSIBLE - Meaning you can add your own features to the language [C++ Libraries]

EASY TO USE - Easy and Fun to learn, Readable and Understandable [Python, C#]

CROSS PLATFORM - Leveraged on any Platform [JavaScript]

OBJECT ORIENTED - Object-Oriented Programming [Objective C]

FUNCTIONAL - Functional Programming Features 

LINE - Line-by-Line Execution [Python]

STRICT - Strict Syntax

CHAINED - Chained Syntax [Swift]

MODEL - Model-Based Programming [Swift]

DYNAMIC INFERENCE  - Dynamic Type don't have to declare types, yet strongly recommended [Python]

STATIC INFERENCE - Static Type, must declare types [C++] or be Warned [C#] Disable in Compiler Options